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You've stumbled on the little blog for Good-Tutorials.

Tweeting Again

暖暖直播IOS下载Posted almost 9 years ago — 62 comments

暖暖直播IOS下载Twitter decided to change their authentication method awhile back, and, as a result, the Twitter stream of tutorials stopped tweeting. It's been a long time coming, but I've finally gone in and updated the code to make it work for Twitter's newer OAuth authentication.

You can follow Good-Tutorials at:

暖暖直播IOS下载You can also follow me on Twitter, too!

暖暖直播IOS下载Feel free to retweet and @reply to your heart's content now. :)

Good-Tutorials on Android!

Posted almost 9 years ago — 86 comments

Liam McElroy wrote a pretty excellent Android app for Good-Tutorials; if you're an Android user!

Everything in Moderation

Posted over 9 years ago — 71 comments

While you're off commenting on killer new stuff you'd like to see on Good-Tutorials, I'd also like to pick up a few more moderators for the Upcoming Tutorials暖暖直播IOS下载 queue. Moderators visit tutorials as they come in and rate them accordingly; it's how we generate the front page for you.

暖暖直播IOS下载To apply, head over to the spot, include a few lines about yourself and submit- it's a pretty quick and painless process. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you include your Good-Tutorials username!

In the meantime, you needn't be a full moderator to help out; always feel free to check out the Upcoming Tutorials section, check out the new submissions, and give a few ratings while you're at it.


Boom! Feature Requests

暖暖直播IOS下载Posted over 9 years ago — 64 comments

I'm looking to liven the place up a bit. What's been your biggest pet peeves with Good-Tutorials? Your favorite parts that could use a refresh? Any other killer ideas you'd like to see happen?

暖暖直播IOS下载Now's your chance- sound off in the comments and we'll have a bit of a discussion on making tutorials even good-er!

Good-Tutorials on Heroku

Posted almost 10 years ago — 61 comments

Since the shift of our assets to Amazon S3暖暖直播IOS下载, I've been itching to get Good-Tutorials up on , which is possibly the most hip host there is out there today. Tonight I made that switch. Luckily there was only about an hour of downtime, depending on how quickly your browser was able to discover the new site.

暖暖直播IOS下载This involved a fair bit of changes, none of which should really be visible to you. But there's bound to be some sort of subtle bug buried underneath everything. If you run into an error page, see something that isn't getting updated, or just otherwise run into any problems now that we're on our new host, let me know (a comment on this page or a tweet directed to on Twitter would be great). I'll make sure to patch things up as soon as possible.

This should hopefully give us a little speed boost now and some scalability leeway for the future. This was the main task I wanted to focus on after the previous Amazon S3 changes; I've already found a number of things I want to tackle on the site now that this is over with, so stay tuned!

暖暖直播IOS下载Have a good one!